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    El North International Bank pone a su disposi- ción las cuentas White, Blue y Black pensadas según la necesidades de cada cliente conce- diéndole la Libertad Financiera que usted necesita. Permítanos Trabajar por Usted

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    Ponemos a la disposición de su empresa la más variada gama de instrumentos financieros para el éxito de su negocio. consulte con nuestro equipo especializado. Permítanos Trabajar para Usted
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Debit Card

The Debit Card provides you easy access to your account funds via your personal ID access code. With the MasterCard NI Bank Debit card, you will enjoy the best and most comfortable benefits: Withdrawal of cash by way of the most extensive network of ATM’s. Payment in businesses by way of this Bank and other Bank’s points of sales Read more


MasterCard Gold

Minimum credit limit US$5.000

Payment Methods

  • Payment Methods
  • Modular Card Services
  • Payroll or Payroll+Cards

Payment Methods

North International Bank is a financial institution designated by MasterCard Worldwide as a Principal Member for Latin America and the Caribbean, able to issue Multicurrency cards both in dollars and euros. Currently we are developing method of payment programs in 10 of the 43 countries in the region, amongst which there are ......Read more


Modular Card Services

North International Bank has structured a Modular Development and Implementation method that is adaptable to the client’s necessities, for which we must understand his objectives and regulatory limitations, in order to comply with MasterCard’s high standards of fulfillment..... Read more


Payroll or Payroll+Cards

Payroll Cards are re-loadable (fundable) prepaid Master Card or Visa cards which are provided to employees for the administration of payroll, commissions and other forms of compensation. Employers can easily deposit wages onto the card for immediate availability to employes. Once the wages have been deposited to the card, the.......Read more