• Disposition: Provide personal, opportune, professional and efficient services, at the same time identifying the specific needs of our clients and generating solutions according to their requirements, at the lowest costs.
  • Éthics: Develop a banking and financial service based on honesty and correctness
  • Security: Provide our clients with the confidence of an integrated service, together with the protection of their information and goods
  • Efficiency: By way of the efficient management of business and the optimum administration of resources, for the purpose of maximizing our clients and our own profitability
  • Prudence: To administer resources and wealth in general, with a responsible and efficient attitude
  • Proactivity: To strive for a permanent growth of business and operations as financial intermediaries for our current and potential clients
  • Creativity: Generate innovative actions and processes that allow for the creation of products and services, according to the demands of the market
  • Responsabilidad: By way of an active, serious and committed leadership that responds to the correct administration of the resources entrusted by our clients and shareholders